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If you are an investor interested in taking delivery of physical gold in exchange for your OUNZ shares (Delivery Applicants), you must submit a signed Delivery Application to us (the "Sponsor"). A Delivery Application expresses your non-binding intention to exchange shares for physical gold on the Share Submission Day or within the applicable grace period. You must also provide instructions to your broker-dealer to effect the exchange of shares for physical gold. Please see the steps outlined below.

Gold Delivery as Easy As 1-2-3

1. Investor files a Delivery Application

Please fill-in the Delivery Application using the OUNZ Calculator. The calculator will generate an application based on the number of shares held and gold requested. You may also download the blank forms here:

    Fact Sheet Delivery Application
      The Delivery Application expresses your intention to us to take delivery of physical gold in exchange for OUNZ shares.

A completed and signed Delivery Application must be submitted to us by upload at; by fax to 650-745-7045; or by mail to Merk Investments LLC; Attn: VanEck Merk Gold Trust; 1150 Chestnut St; Menlo Park, CA 94025.

We will only process a Delivery Application once the Processing Fees have been paid. The Processing Fee is due at the time the Delivery Application is submitted to us and is fully refundable until you irrevocably submit your shares to the Trustee. Click here for details on fees.

Type of Gold Bar:
Number of Bars:
Exchange Fee in USD:

Once we pre-approve a Delivery Application, we will provide to you (typically by email) a Delivery Applicant Share Submission Form along with the pre-approved Delivery Application. You must submit a completed and signed Delivery Applicant Share Submission Form to your broker (typically done via fax), with the pre-approved Delivery Application attached.

2. Investor instructs their broker to submit their ETF shares to take delivery of their gold

On the Share Submission Day (or within the applicable grace period), your broker shall, in accordance with the instructions in the Delivery Application:

  • Complete and sign the second page of the Delivery Applicant Share Submission Form;
  • Fax to the Trustee the completed and signed Delivery Applicant Share Submission Form, with the pre-approved Delivery Application attached; and
  • Submit OUNZ shares to the Trustee.

The Delivery Application is not binding until shares are delivered to the Trust.

Ready to take delivery? To find out how much gold your shares correspond to and to generate a non-binding Delivery Application, use the OUNZ calculator.

3. Gold sent to Investor

Physical gold will be delivered to a Delivery Applicant based on instructions in the Delivery Application. Once physical gold has been tendered to the courier identified in the Delivery Application, the physical gold cannot be returned and is no longer the responsibility of the Trust, the Trustee, the Custodian, the precious metals dealer or us.

The Trust will ship physical gold to a Delivery Applicant fully insured using accepted business practices for precious metals delivery that may include, amongst others, use of a conventional shipping carrier (e.g., U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, United Parcel Service); or an armored transportation service.

Download Fact Sheet

For additional information, please read the prospectus, as well as the OUNZ FAQ section "When will I receive my gold?"

Let us help you take delivery of the gold you own through OUNZ. Please visit the OUNZ FAQ; contact us online; or call us at (855)MRK-OUNZ with questions.

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