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Please visit the OUNZ FAQs or call us at 855-MRK-OUNZ with questions

How Many OUNZ Shares Do You Own?
Quantity of OUNZ shares owned:
As of the most recent close of business on July 12, 2024, your shares correspond to ounces of gold.
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Type of Gold and Quantity Desired
Choose the date you would like to submit your OUNZ shares as well as the type and quantity of gold.
You must fill out a separate application for each type of gold desired.

Number of Shares to Redeem: 

Select Share Submission Date:

Number of shares to be submitted:
Exchange Fee in USD:
Estimated Cash Proceeds in USD:

Brokerage Account Information
Account where OUNZ shares are held and where payment will be wired from:

You must wire your payment prior to formally submitting your application in order to intiate the delivery process. You will receive wire instructions when you generate the application below. Your payment is fully refundable up until the Share Submission Date.

Brokerage Firm DTC instruction:

Brokerage Firm Name:
Brokerage DTC Number:

Brokerage Firm Wiring instructions:

Wire Funds to :
ABA Routing number:
For benefit of (name):
For benefit of (number):
Account Number:
Please tell us who you are:

Delivery Applicant Information (Must match name on Brokerage Account)

Full legal name:
E-mail address:
Social Security or
Taxpayer ID #:
Date of Birth:
Phone number:
(No P.O. Boxes):

Delivery Address
Please deliver the gold to the address listed above.
Generate Application
Confirm and Generate Delivery Application:

You will be submitting shares to take delivery of .
The Delivery Applicant will receive Cash Proceeds equal to the net proceeds of the sale of the Fine Ounces of gold included in the Share Submission Quantity in excess of physical gold to be delivered. Any Cash Proceeds will be transferred to the broker-dealer who submitted the Delivery Application for the benefit of the Delivery Applicant.

Generating the application creates a PDF of the application.
Please call us at 855-MRK-OUNZ before wiring payment and formally submitting your application.