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The VanEck Merk Gold Trust (the “Trust” or "OUNZ") provides investors with a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy and hold gold through an exchange traded product with the option to take physical delivery of gold. 


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Past performance does not guarantee future performance or results. Investors should consult with a tax professional for their particular situation and jurisdiction. Trading fees and other costs may apply.

Retirement Account Eligible?

Tax Efficiency

With OUNZ, because you own a pro-rata share of the gold, taking delivery of gold is not taxable. You simply take delivery of what you already own. (*)


Proven record of delivering gold.


# of OUNZ shares owned:
Your shares correspond to ounces of gold.
Product Premium for Deliveries

Type of Gold:
Number of Bars or Coins:
Exchange Fee in USD:

No delivery fees for the lower 48 States.

For details on fees click here.

Delivery Application

Click to fill-in the short Delivery Application.

Share Submission

Once the investor's Delivery Application is approved, we give a window of up to 7 business days after the approval to submit the shares.

Customer Service

Our experienced team is here to help.
Call toll-free at (855)MRK-OUNZ or email.


Investors take posession of what they already own; as such, there is no reporting of any gold that is delivered to investors in exchange for shares.

Allocated Gold

Yes, OUNZ's physical gold is held in a segregated fashion in the name of the Trust.

Each investor owns a pro-rata share of OUNZ, and as such holds pro-rata ownership of the Trust's gold.

OUNZ's holdings are identified in a weight list of bars published at showing the unique bar number, gross weight, the assay or fineness of each bar and its fine weight.

Internal Controls

OUNZ's internal controls are audited each year.


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  OUNZ - The Gold ETF that Delivers



(*) If an investor redeems some or all of its shares in exchange for the underlying gold (including American Gold Eagle Coins) represented by the redeemed shares, the exchange will generally not be a taxable event for the investor (except with respect to any Cash Proceeds). A subsequent sale of the gold received by the investor will be a taxable event. For details, please see "Taxation of U.S. Investors" in the prospectus.

A delivery applicant must submit a delivery application and payment for the processing and delivery fees to cover the cost of preparing and transporting the gold. The delivery of physical gold to applicants may take considerable time and the delay in delivery could result in losses if the price of gold declines. A share submission is irrevocable.